What Is Brentwood, CA, Known For? 10 Reasons to Love This City in The Valley

Located in the heart of Northern California’s Contra Costa County, Brentwood shines as a hidden gem, offering a blend of rural charm and modern convenience. Known for its scenic beauty, agricultural heritage, and welcoming atmosphere, Brentwood is a city that embodies the Central Valley lifestyle.

But what is Brentwood, CA, known for? If you’re looking at homes for sale in Brentwood or are just curious about what the city has to offer, this Redfin guide has everything you need to know. To give you a taste, read on for 10 things to love about Brentwood.

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1. Agricultural abundance

Brentwood’s agricultural heritage is deeply ingrained in the city’s identity. The city boasts lush orchards and family-owned farms that contribute to the region’s agricultural richness. Local farms not only produce for national markets, including cherries, peaches, and apricots, but also offer residents the chance to participate in u-pick experiences. U-pick is a great way to get the family outdoors and create cherished traditions around harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables. 

2. Brentwood Farmers’ Market

The Brentwood Farmers’ Market is a beloved community event that takes place on Saturday mornings year-round. Located just off Brentwood Boulevard in downtown, the market offers an array of locally-sourced products, from fresh fruits and vegetables to artisanal cheeses and handcrafted goods. It’s not just a place to shop for world-class goods; it’s a social gathering where neighbors and friends come together to celebrate and support local agriculture.

3. Wineries and tasting rooms

Brentwood is part of the esteemed Contra Costa Wine Region, known for its boutique wineries and tasting rooms. Wine enthusiasts can explore the local viticulture scene, which offers a diverse range of wines to savor within an hour’s drive. Many of the nearly a dozen wineries host tastings and events that allow residents and visitors to immerse themselves in the region’s wine culture.

If you’re looking for the best spots, head to Bloomfield Vineyards, which has been farming for over 80 years and offers dinners with the vintner. Also in the area is Hannah Nicole Vineyards, which produces organic wines and hosts tastings at their state-of-the-art tasting room and event center. Lastly, McCauley Estate Vineyards offers spaces for events on their luxurious private property, along with gorgeous wines. 


4. Stunning scenery

One of Brentwood’s standout features is its stunning natural beauty. The city is enveloped by rolling hills, vineyards, and wide-open spaces that showcase the picturesque landscape. The iconic silhouette of Mount Diablo provides a backdrop day and night. And just north of the city, the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers meet to create a stunning river delta that supplies water to two-thirds of the state’s population. These scenic havens invite everyone to enjoy the natural beauty just outside their doorstep. 

5. Parks and recreation 

Brentwood places a strong emphasis on recreation and active living. The Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex offers a refreshing escape during the warm months, while numerous sports fields and courts provide spaces for athletic pursuits. The expansive Veterans Park is a favorite destination for picnics, family outings, and leisurely walks, offering a serene retreat within the city.

Other popular spots include Round Valley Regional Preserve, Castle Rock Regional Recreation Area, and Blue Goose Park, offering trails, water activities, wildlife viewing, and more. 

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6. Marsh Creek Regional Trail

The Marsh Creek Regional Trail is a well-known thoroughfare for running, jogging, cycling, and more. This picturesque trail winds through serene landscapes, including the striking Marsh Creek Reservoir. It’s a favorite among hikers, bikers, and equestrians, offering an opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of Brentwood. The trail often hosts community events, such as organized group hikes and nature education programs, making it a central hub for outdoor enthusiasts.

7. Downtown Brentwood

Downtown Brentwood serves as the heart of the city, with many historic buildings. Outlined by Brentwood Boulevard and Oak Street, residents and visitors can visit charming local businesses, boutiques, and dining establishments. Locally-owned restaurants, such as Brentwood Cafe and Dino’s Sandwich Shop, offer comfort food, and the area frequently hosts events and community gatherings that infuse the city with energy and a sense of community.


8. Cultural celebrations

Brentwood shines through its various events and festivals. Many of the most popular events celebrate agriculture and happen throughout the city and on local farms. Many of these are organized by Harvest Time Brentwood, and there’s always something new to try out. 

Other yearly events include Oktoberfest, Bubbles & Broomsticks, Light up the Night, and Rock n’ Rides Car Show and Concert. There are also events in the winter and spring that highlight the seasons. These events bring the community together, fostering connections and a sense of shared celebration.

9. Streets of Brentwood

The Streets of Brentwood is a popular shopping and entertainment destination that caters to a diverse range of interests. This open-air mall offers a mix of retail stores, dining options, and entertainment venues. 

You can explore a variety of shops, such as Starry Night Studios, dine at popular restaurants like Attraversiamo, catch the latest movies at the AMC Brentwood 14, and even enjoy live performances and community events hosted in the center’s common areas. Streets of Brentwood a dynamic gathering place that adds a modern urban touch to Brentwood’s suburban atmosphere.

10. Commuter convenience

While Brentwood offers a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, it remains conveniently connected to the broader Bay Area, such as San Francisco and Oakland. Major highways, including Highway 4 and Highway 160, provide easy access for commuters. Additionally, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) offers convenient train service from nearby Antioch to all other Bay Area stations. This is an easy and environmentally friendly way to get where you need to go.

You can also take a short drive northeast to Sacramento, north to Santa Rosa, or South to Modesto. Brentwood is truly in the heart of it all. 


What is Brentwood, CA, known for? Final thoughts

Brentwood, CA, is a city that cherishes its agricultural heritage, natural beauty, and strong sense of community. With a commitment to education, cultural enrichment, and welcoming atmosphere, it encapsulates the quintessential California lifestyle that celebrates tradition while embracing the present and future. As you explore the different charms of the city, you’ll discover that Brentwood harmonizes rural beauty and modern living.

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