'The Bear' and J.Crew Just Dropped the Merch of Your Dreams

If you’re anything like us, you binged the entire third season of The Bear the evening it debuted. (Whether that’s the right format to consume Chris Storer’s kitchen dramedy is a matter of debate, but for now, we’ll take our fix however we can get it.) The FX series is sharp, gripping, and this time around, especially haunting, packed with more award-worthy performances than a beef has giardiniera. It’s also a hell of a menswear show.

From Jeremy Allen White’s Merz b. Schwanen tee to Ayo Edibiri’s Thom Browne chef jacket to Lionel Boyd’s Noah hoodie, the series is brimming with menswear-coded easter eggs. As much as The Bear has inspired folks to up their kitchen skills (or, at least, the frequency with which they refer to people as ‘chef’), its killer wardrobe continues to elicit buzz in corners of the internet less concerned with mastering the perfect jus and more concerned with ID’ing extremely sick jackets.


The Bear X J.Crew Heritage Fleece Sweatshirt


The Bear X J.Crew Vintage-Wash Cotton T-Shirt

It was only a matter of time before the right brand capitalized on the show’s menswear pedigree—and that time, we’re happy to report, is finally here. Earlier this morning, J.Crew unveiled a tidy capsule collection inspired by TV’s most endearing fine-dining squad, a workwear-leaning quartet of pieces equally indebted to the retailer’s own catalog. Instead of Japanese-made tees, it comprises a work jacket, crewneck sweatshirt, graphic T-shirt, and trucker hat, each emblazoned with the fictional Matter of Fak company logo.

It might pay tribute to the bungling, hardscrabble family that lends this season of The Bear its funniest moments, but the collection’s simple, pared-back vibe feels wholly in line with Carmy’s ‘less is more’ non-negotiable—and we should’ve smelled it coming. Not only did The Bear feature one of J.Crew’s cashmere cable-knit sweaters in its second season, J.Crew itself tapped a handful of the show’s cast and creators to front a campaign last June.

So if you’ll forgive a final food-related analogy: The relationship has been marinating for a while, and we’d suggest tucking in while it’s still hot.


The Bear X J.Crew Canvas Work Jacket


The Bear X J.Crew Trucker Hat

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