Tesla’s Elon Musk displays prototype of humanoid robot Optimus with an expected price tag of $20K

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, showed off a prototype of a humanoid robot called “Optimus” on Friday. He said he plans to sell millions of these machines to consumers and that he expects to make a million.

Musk let the robot run on the stage, waving at the crowd. However, he forbade it from performing more difficult tasks as he didn’t want it “to fall on its faces.”

The robot was able to carry boxes and place a bar of metal into what looked like a factory machine, according to a video.

Musk’s machine was “mind-blowing”, but onlookers seemed to be underwhelmed.

Cynthia Yeung, a robotics expert, tweeted that “none of this is cutting-edge.” “Hire PhDs and attend some robotics conferences @Tesla.”

Filip Piekniewski (AI researcher) was unimpressed as well. He tweeted that the exhibit was “next-level cringeworthy” in addition to a “complete scam.”

According to the AI researcher, it would be useful to test falling because this thing will be falling quite a lot.

Musk tried to temper expectations by telling the public “There’s still a lot to be done to refine Optimus.”

He said, “I believe Optimus will be amazing in five or ten years.”

Musk stated that the main problem with the humanoid robot’s humanoid brain is its inability to solve problems on its own.

Musk said that the robot will be ready for the market within three to five years, despite its shortcomings.

Robots are designed to streamline factory operations and fill in for human workers who find it less appealing.

However, the production of humanoids may be a deviation from Tesla’s original mission “accelerate the world’s transition towards sustainable energy.”

According to Reuters, Musk stated that “Optimus isn’t directly in line with accelerating renewable energy.” “I believe the mission has broadened with the advent of Optimus. You know, I don’t know. Making the future awesome.”

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