Talkin' Suits With Eagles Star (and Tunnel Fit King) DeVonta Smith

Being the most stylish dude in the NFL doesn’t just happen overnight. DeVonta Smith, the Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver, understands that. Fashion has been a lifelong endeavor, even when he was ballin’ on a budget and getting dressed up for church in his tight-knit hometown of Amite, Louisiana. Those pews were his first runways, and the dapper gameday policies at his alma mater—the University of Alabama, guided by the no-nonsense hand of coach Nick Saban—gave him opportunities to show off his first tunnel fits.

Now three years into his NFL career, Smith has a reputation for being one of the slipperiest receivers on the field and one of its most consistent head-turners off of it. His closet stays stocked with elaborate, detailed suits, each one meticulously made for his liking. With the Birds on a bye last week, Smith (keeping it casual in a loose-fitting hoodie) had time to explain all of this to us, from his suit strategy, to some favorite looks from his sprouting career, and the fashion choices from others in the Eagles’ organization that make him laugh.

Kiel Leggere / Philadelphia Eagles

When did you start to put real effort into your game day fits? Were you getting dressed up in college?

Yeah, it was required! We had to wear a suit and tie on game days. That’s something that Coach Saban has been doing for a minute. Even back in high school we had to wear a tie. And growing up in the church, we always had to dress up, Sunday best.

It was like Remember the Titans? Couldn’t get on the bus without a shirt and tie?

Oh yeah, for sure!

So was getting to the league your moment to be like, “I’ve got money now, I can really elevate my suit game?”

Uhh, I’ve always been like that. It’ll either be a suit or a sweatsuit—that’s pretty much all I wear. I don’t really wear jeans or stuff like that too much. Suit or sweatsuit.

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