North Carolina’s Largest Cities: A Homebuyer’s Guide for 2024

North Carolina is characterized by its diverse landscapes and inviting communities. With the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, historic towns, and thriving urban centers, North Carolina offers a distinctive and enriching living experience. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant city of Charlotte or the charming town of Asheville, a sense of warmth and community resonates. From the delectable southern cuisine to the array of outdoor activities, North Carolina has something for everyone to savor. So, if you’re contemplating making North Carolina your home, this Redfin article guides you through the biggest cities in North Carolina to consider.

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1. Charlotte, North Carolina

Population: 879,709
Median Sale Price: $389,000
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Charlotte is the biggest city in North Carolina and offers a vibrant experience with a thriving arts scene, diverse culinary options, and a strong sense of community. Charlotte’s proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic coast provides residents easy access to outdoor activities like hiking and beach trips. The city also has professional sports teams, including the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets, creating a lively sports culture.

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2. Raleigh, North Carolina

Population: 467,665
Median Sale Price: $400,000
Raleigh, NC homes for sale
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Moving to Raleigh offers a perfect blend of urban amenities and natural beauty. The city’s extensive park system, including William B. Umstead State Park and Pullen Park, provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. Raleigh’s downtown area is also known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, with numerous museums, galleries, and live music venues to discover. 

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3. Greensboro, North Carolina

Population: 299,035
Median Sale Price: $271,500
Greensboro, NC homes for sale
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Greensboro offers residents a dynamic living experience with cultural richness and southern charm. The city has diverse neighborhoods, providing a mix of historic homes and modern developments. Notable attractions include the Greensboro Science Center which adds to the vibrant atmosphere of the downtown area.

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4. Durham, North Carolina

Population: 283,506
Median Sale Price: $410,000
Durham, NC homes for sale
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The city is anchored by institutions like Duke University, contributing to a dynamic atmosphere with diverse neighborhoods. With attractions like the historic Brightleaf Square and the American Tobacco Campus, Durham offers a rich tapestry of history and modern amenities.

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5. Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Population: 249,545
Median Sale Price: $250,000
Winston-Salem, NC homes for sale
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Winston-Salem is a harmonious blend of historical significance and modern vitality. The city is renowned for its rich tobacco heritage. It is exemplified in places like Old Salem Museums & Gardens, alongside a thriving arts scene showcased in the Reynolda House Museum of American Art.

6. Fayetteville, North Carolina

Population: 208,501
Median Sale Price: $217,500
Fayetteville, NC homes for sale
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Situated in the Sandhills region of North Carolina, Fayetteville offers residents a diverse living experience with a mix of military influence and Southern charm. The city is anchored by Fort Bragg, contributing to a strong sense of community and a rich military heritage. With attractions like the historic downtown Hay Street district and the Cape Fear Botanical Garden, Fayetteville provides a blend of cultural offerings and outdoor spaces.

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7. Cary, North Carolina

Population: 174,721
Median Sale Price: $595,000
Cary, NC homes for sale
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Cary has meticulously planned neighborhoods, excellent schools, and numerous green spaces, exemplified by Bond Park and the American Tobacco Trail. With a thriving cultural scene, including the Koka Booth Amphitheatre and the Cary Arts Center, Cary offers a balanced lifestyle.

8. Wilmington, North Carolina

Population: 115,451
Median Sale Price: $412,000
Wilmington, NC homes for sale
Wilmington, NC houses for rent

Nestled along the southeastern coast of North Carolina, Wilmington offers residents a captivating living experience with its historic charm and coastal allure. The city is celebrated for its picturesque riverfront, featuring the scenic Riverwalk and iconic Cape Fear Memorial Bridge.

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9. High Point, North Carolina

Population: 114,059
Median Sale Price: $255,000
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Located in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina, High Point is known for its prominence in the furniture industry and its pivotal role in the biannual High Point Market, the world’s largest home furnishings trade show. The city seams industrial heritage with residential neighborhoods, offering a mix of housing options and community-focused amenities.

10. Concord, North Carolina

Population: 105,240
Median Sale Price: $395,000
Concord, NC homes for sale
Concord, NC houses for rent

Living in Concord offers a blend of small-town charm and modern amenities, with a strong focus on motorsports and entertainment. The city is home to the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which hosts major NASCAR events and other motorsports activities. 

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