My ArchiSchool launches educational programme for young people

Promotion: Hong Kong-based architecture school My ArchiSchool has launched its latest curriculum that aims to transform “major components of architectural design processes” into modules children can understand.

After seven years of architectural education experience – from teaching young children to teenagers – the school has decided to reconfigure its curriculum to reflect the diverse skills architects need in practice.

This aims to equip students with the knowledge of how to build physical models in addition to understanding visualisation with the latest software.

My ArchiSchool is based in Hong Kong

“After seven years of working with various methodologies of conducting architectural education for young ones to 6-17 years olds, My ArchiSchool has got a new integration of different components of architecture,” said the school.

“Supporting the young creative minds has become the initiative of supporting the young creative forces to contribute to the real world built environment and the transformation of intangible ideas into tangible and visible forms of art.”

My Archischool's interior featuring student's models
The school’s new curriculum aims to transform “major components of architectural design processes” into modules that children can understand

My ArchiSchool believes that its new curriculum will encourage young people to be inventive in the design process, from playing with light, colour and textures to experimenting with both physical material and digital media.

“From conceptualising key elements to exploring design options, students never cease to amaze us,” said the school. “They have managed to learn and use the skillsets with their amazing imagination in order to create a better living environment.”

My Archishool's interior
My ArchiSchool says that its new curriculum encourages young people to be inventive in the design process

The architecture school has recently moved to a bigger studio in Hong Kong, which includes flexible event spaces with exhibition areas, art-making spaces, digital media areas and outdoor terraces. The school also has 3D-printing facilities and a 3D architecture library.

“With the in-house event space, our laser 3D-printing facilities and our 3D architecture library, more seminars will be hosted in order to share the art of architecture to a wider public as a community contribution and also some support to the visually impaired communities,” said the school.

“One of the undergoing experiments with our students is our architectural book projects which will be published with their own online version and a printed version with braille fonts.”

Students working at My Archischool
My ArchiSchool has recently moved to a bigger studio in Hong Kong

My ArchiSchool runs a variety of in-person and online courses for aspiring young architects, aiming to teach 3D modelling and other skills that will set them up for careers in the built environment.

For further details about the exhibition and to find out more about My ArchiSchool, visit its website.

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