Letters to Sports: WNBA must protect Caitlin Clark or suffer the consequences

The brain trust at the WNBA has to have its head examined. The brand of basketball they have offered since its inception has had virtually zero appeal to fans. The Sparks averaged under 6,500 fans per game last season and just as important there was basically zero TV revenue. Thus there is no money to pay even great players like Candace Parker or A’ja Wilson very well.

Now Caitlin Clark, a generational talent, comes along who fans actually want to watch and rather than adapting to a new more fan-friendly style of play, two-bit hacks like Chennedy Carter take runs at her with impunity and we’re told its “just a more physical league.” After all the whining about women not getting paid enough, they finally have the player to lift the entire league and all they have to do is call some fouls. They are one cheap-shot injury away from killing the goose that is trying to lay the golden eggs.

Jeff Heister


I’m watching these cheap shots on Caitlin Clark, and I’m getting flashbacks to Bill Laimbeer and the Bad Boy Pistons. The assault on Clark must end now before someone gets hurt.

Vaughn Hardenberg


No double standard here! Al Campanis was fired for a racist statement, which was just an ignorant opinion and not profane. Pat McAfee (whoever he is) uses a racist/sexist slur intentionally about Caitlin Clark, and he is allowed to walk it back while ESPN has “no comment.” Wow!

Michael Schaller
Temple City

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