Letters to Sports: Lakers drafting Bronny James is terrible move for player and team

I feel sorry for Bronny James. His dad did him no favors. What if other players think he gets more playing time than he deserves because he’s LeBron’s son or takes one of their jobs? What if LeBron wants him to get more time than he deserves? Think Doc and Austin Rivers. Terrible move for Bronny and the Lakers.

Alvin S. Michaelson
Marina Del Rey

Shame on Jeanie Buss, shame on Rob Pelinka and shame on the Lakers organization for selling their soul to team James. Nothing against Bronny, but the younger James wasn’t even good enough to have any meaningful impact at USC. So not only have the Lakers wasted a second-round pick on Bronny, but more important, these actions will potentially cost a deserving youngster a valuable spot in a very limited NBA players pool.

Greg Nersesyan
North Hollywood

Lakers use a valuable draft pick on Bronny James? In high school, Bronny didn’t even make his all-league first team. On a very bad USC team last year, he didn’t start and averaged less than five points a game. He will add absolutely no value to the Lakers roster. They could have signed him as a free agent as no other team would certainly have drafted him unless his father was on the team. I’m 75 years old. Draft me….it’ll make the same difference in the Lakers’ championship chances. And I’ll play for the league minimum.

Jack Nelson
Los Angeles

So now it’s official, the Los Angeles LeBrons have officially been held hostage by LeBron James and Rich Paul. The successful negotiation involved a $50-million contract for a 40-year-old, a draft choice for a player who couldn’t even start for his college team and a head coach who has never coached a single day in his life but shares a podcast with James.

Two years from now, LeBron will be retired, the Lakers will have yet another new coach and the 55th pick will be the 11th man off the bench. And the Lakers will not see the playoffs again until the next decade.

Bob Goldstone
Corona Del Mar

Bronny James likely has had better, individualized coaching than any other player ever drafted into the NBA. So before he or the Lakers are criticized, let’s wait to see Bronny’s game.

Richard Raffalow
Valley Glen

Dear Lakers,

You have officially become embarrassing.

George Sagadencky

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