Is Diddy Bringing Back the Old-School Roach Clip?

There’s a reason they call him Puff Daddy.

Sean “Diddy” Combs, the hip-hop mogul and an icon of MTV’s golden era, made a big return to the VMAs stage this week. He performed a greatest-hits medley alongside City Girls’s Yung Miami and Keyshia Cole, before returning to form to host his own post-show afterparty in New York City. In true Puffy mode, he wore a great evening look for the occasion. Along with his black satin Saint Laurent cowl-neck blouse and matching trousers, he accessorized with a black durag and a slender gold telescopic cigarette holder that held, naturally, some sort of rolled cigarette. Chic!

The move of brandishing a cigarette holder—or, as the case may be, a roach clip—has become a lost art. Perhaps it’s because cigarette smoking falls in and out of vogue constantly (though from what I hear through the grapevine, it’s currently so back), and people get their nicotine fix (or otherwise) in all sorts of alternative ways these days. Nonetheless, if you’re someone who gets the shoppies, the most wholesome part of having a vice or hobby is that such activities often call for fun accessories. In our post-legalization era, joint cases, vintage ashtrays, high-tech vapes, and printed rolling papers have all gotten their shine as of late—hell, even Seth Rogen and his kitschy smoke-ware brand, Houseplant, have gotten in on the weed accouterment game. Roach clips have yet to make a grand comeback, and it really seems like Diddy’s onto something with this one. Let him, as they say, cook…

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