Hulu is the latest streaming service to crack down on password sharing

The days of sharing a account with friends and family are numbered. Like and sibling service before it, Hulu is clamping down on password sharing outside the account holder’s “primary personal residence” per an . That is unless the practice is “permitted by your service tier,” indicating that users may be able to pay extra to share their membership outside of their household.

Hulu has started telling users that they’ll need to comply with the new rules by March 14, as reports. The service has been informing subscribers in emails that it’s “adding limitations on sharing your account outside of your household,” but it’s unclear exactly how Hulu plans to track that.

Netflix was the first major streaming service to and, as a result, it has seen an . Disney+ later last year and, given that Disney will , it’s little surprise that the latter is going in the same direction.

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