Foil table by Christophe Pillet for Mara

Dezeen Showroom: designer Christophe Pillet has worked with Italian brand Mara to produce the Foil table, a metal desk refined to its simplest silhouette.

The Foil table marks the first time that Pillet and Mara have worked together, and the brand describes it as a “synergical bond” based on a common philosophy of minimalism, linear aesthetics and quiet technology.

Foil table by Christophe Pillet for Mara
The Foil table has an ultra-thin metal frame

This design ethos presents in the table’s refined form, which marries a flat surface with ultra-thin legs and hidden desk drawers – in one version of the table, there is also a movable top with concealed under-top storage.

“We wanted to bring simplicity into the traditionally complex and excessively technical world of work,” said Pillet.

Foil table by Christophe Pillet for MaraFoil table by Christophe Pillet for Mara
The table’s mechanical elements are concealed

“We imagined an office dimension where calm dominates, where working well is the priority, where the human value equals, if not exceeds, that of the furnishing element,” he continued.

Mara says the Foil table is well suited to both corporate spaces and home offices.

Product details:

Product: Foil
Designer: Christophe Pillet
Brand: Mara
Contact: [email protected]

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