Endless Vein tiles by Kaolin

Dezeen Showroom: Australian company Kaolin has developed a technique for finishing and laying porcelain tiles that is able to replicate the continuous vein patterns of book-matched marble or stone.

Placed side-by-side, tiles made using Endless Vein technology seem to merge into one another, with the veining from one continuing seamlessly on the next.

Dramatically patterned porcelain tiles in a bathroom
Kaolin’s Endless Vein tiles have a continuous pattern across slabs

The basic version of the tiling system consists of six to eight numbered slabs that can be connected to create “a harmonious and uninterrupted visual experience”, according to Kaolin.

But there is also a more advanced version called Endless Vein 2.0 in which any number of tiles can be combined and will interconnect flawlessly regardless of sequence or orientation.

Faux marble porcelain tiles from Endless Vein collection by Kaolin in a foyerFaux marble porcelain tiles from Endless Vein collection by Kaolin in a foyer
The porcelain tiles are designed to emulate natural marble or stone

“This flexibility and consistency in design open up new possibilities for creating breathtaking interiors that were previously unattainable with traditional tiles,” the brand said.

To complete the seamless transition, Kaolin also developed a “minuscule grout joint” of just 0.35 millimetres – the smallest currently available on the market, according to the company.

Living room with dramatic stone and marble floors and wallsLiving room with dramatic stone and marble floors and walls
“Miniscule” grout joints help to create a seamless look

“This development represents a significant leap forward, offering designers and homeowners the ability to achieve a near-seamless appearance on their floors and walls,” Kaolin said.

“The result is a sleek, continuous surface that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space while maintaining the practical benefits of porcelain tiles.”

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Product: Endless Vein tiles
Brand: Kaolin
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