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Happy Friday! Round out your week with some internet reading about books:

Below, I’ve listed 9 exciting adaptations coming to movie theaters and streaming in June 2024.

Today’s round of the most read books on Goodreads this week looks a lot like the previous one: in fact, it’s identical. As the summer approaches, we seem to all be in a romance and romantasy reading mood. Romantasy queens Sarah J. Maas and Rebecca Yarros hold onto their spots in the top five. Emily Henry continues to be a big name in romance, continuing her domination of this list. The only book outside of the romance/romantasy in the top five is the historical fiction novel The Women by Kristin Hannah.

Jeff and Rebecca decide what the “it” book of June is. Twice.

Stories Are Weapons traces America’s deep roots in weaponizing stories through media and influence campaigns to take a critical look at the battles around identity, including school boards and LGBTQ+ students, race, and feminism, dividing Americans now.

Gay the Pray Away is a love letter to libraries and the freedom they represent for their patrons. A helpful librarian looks the other way as Valerie steals her first queer book, and later he recommends queer books with generic-looking covers so her parents won’t find out what she’s reading. Without the books she reads at the library, she might never have been able to imagine a different future for herself.

 Things are getting hot, and I’m not just talking about the temperature (though it’s plenty hot here in the Southern United States, let me tell you). I mean that these June children’s book releases are on fire. As always, it was hard for me to narrow them down to ten. June’s picture book releases include books about steppin,’ horseback riding, and three that tackle different aspects of school—buses, lunches, and the first week. June’s middle grade releases include books about immigration, making friends, magic schools, foster care, and more. I enjoyed reading every single one of these June children’s book releases.

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