5 eLearning Tech Topics To Write About This Month

Hot eLearning Tech Trends And Tools To Write About

New eLearning technologies, tool features, and software applications are introduced all the time, making it challenging to keep up with the latest trends. Fortunately, eLearning Industry makes it our mission to highlight solutions and innovative approaches to help our readers stay in the know—and our guest authors play a crucial role. If you’re thinking about submitting a post to eLI, here are a few eLearning tech trends you may want to consider.

5 Buzzworthy eLearning Tech Topics

1. LMS Implementation Pitfalls

What should organizations bear in mind when launching their LMS to mitigate risks? How can they create an action plan to avoid common obstacles and maximize ROI and user adoption? You can also cover some of the earlier stages of the process, such as tips on choosing the right LMS based on needs analysis.

2. Immersive Learning Tech Essentials

Which tools do L&D teams need to get their immersive learning programs up and running? What are the types of immersive learning they can incorporate into their existing training strategy? Is there a way to still leverage this approach on a tight budget by focusing on L&D priorities and repurposing resources?

3. Key Authoring Tool Features

What are the top authoring tool features that companies should look for and why? Your article can even cover specific use cases. For example, which key functionalities should organizations concentrate on for compliance training? Another angle is to delve deeper into the perks of investing in an LMS with built-in authoring.

4. Video Conferencing Applications

While team meetings are one of the most popular video conferencing software uses, these tools also provide ample L&D opportunities. So, how can leaders utilize video conferencing to upskill their employees and foster real-world experience? Are there creative activities that can spark knowledge sharing and foster a stronger team dynamic?

5. Attendance Tracking

How can attendance tracking tools help educators and L&D pros automate certain processes? What are the essential functionalities to add to your software shopping list? In addition to keeping track of attendance and absenteeism rates, how do these systems help organizations improve resource allocation?

Wrapping Up

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