19 Best Double-Breasted Blazers for Men 2023: Razor-Sharp Jackets Worthy of the C-Suite

When it comes to swanking up your outfits, the blazer reigns supreme. But the best double-breasted blazers for men—the ones you’ll wear because you want to, not because you have to—are a cut above their counterparts. (You might even say they’re…twice as fun.) Once upon a time, the silhouette conjured images of cigar-champing gangsters and wild-eyed Wall Street hardos, but in 2023, you don’t need to be an extra in a Guys & Dolls reboot—or find yourself glued to a Bloomberg terminal—to make one work for you. And you definitely don’t need the matching pants; your favorite pair of jeans will do just fine.

The Best Double-Breasted Blazers Shopping Guide

In their most traditional form, double-breasted blazers are typically cut from wool, often with brash peak lapels and gleaming brass buttons. Today, though, the market is exploding with wild-style riffs on the source material, from classic cotton joints ready to help you conquer the beginning of the summer wedding circuit to exquisite corduroy numbers that’ll make you look like the hottest professor in town. Wear one open over your rarest vintage tee on a night out, or pair one with a crisp blue striped shirt and a silk knit tie to nail that IRL presentation. Here are 18 versions—the very best double-breasted blazers for men, thank you very much—we’re stoked to wear through the start of this spring until the end of next.

The Do-It-All Blazer

Todd Snyder

Double-breasted Herringbone “Sutton” Jacket

Tailoring is just one of Todd Snyder’s many strong suits. After all, the lauded menswear designer cut his teeth at Ralph Lauren and helped push J.Crew to new heights before doing his own thing. Not a bad resume. He seems to only get better with every season, too. From next-level cashmere to indulgent velvet, to doctorate-level tweeds, the materials Snyder uses are magnificent. This herringbone blazer goes one step further with its knit construction which gives it a natural stretch and movement like your favorite T-shirt without looking like, well, a T-shirt. That sort of magic trick also means that it’s perfect for wearing on the daily in cubicle’d environs charming strolls through the park or slamming down pints in the local watering hole. So, for anyone who feels like suits are uncomfortable, Mr. Snyder would like to have a word with you.

The Perfect Fall Blazer

J.Crew’s recently introduced Kenmare suit is probably the most fun a suit can be without having to spend too much. The cut veers away from the brand’s famous Ludlow suit—a slim-fitting suit that dominated the 2010s—and goes for a more relaxed fit with a soft shoulder. While we’re keen on practically every material the Kenmare comes in, this plush corduroy version is the stuff of Wes Anderson’s dreams.

The Right-Now Blazer

Our Legacy

Sharp double-breasted poplin blazer

Our Legacy’s head-turning takes on classic designs has earned them legions of fans and this double-breasted blazer is a prime example. From the soft lilac colorway to the righteous rumpled cotton-polyamide fabric to the care-free slouchy and unlined fit, it’s the blazer you wear to make a statement. And yet, even with all of those left-field design choices, it’s still surprisingly versatile which is a good thing considering you’ll probably want to wear it every day.

The British-As-Hell Blazer


Wool flannel double-breasted tailored jacket

While the more affordable options on this list are here for good reason and will last you a long time, there may come a time when you want an upgrade. Drake’s is that upgrade. It’s made with luscious mid-weight wool flannel in a versatile deep navy colorway and features next-level details like half-canvas construction, soft shoulders, natural horn buttons, and a made-in-Italy pedigree.

The Black Tie Baddie Blazer

Giuliva Heritage

Tonino double-breasted satin-lapel wool blazer

Featuring a godly wool and decadent silk lapel, the Tonino blazer is handcrafted in Giuliva Heritage’s Roman atelier with details like hand-stitched armholes. If you want to shut down the black tie function, this will be the jacket to help you do it.

The Comfy-Cozy Blazer

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo soft stretch chino suit jacket

Most of the time, suits with elastane look a bit tacky. But Ralph Lauren’s meticulous attention to detail at every corner means that you get a suit made of a fabric that looks like as classic as they come with a touch of stretch for that modern comfort. The twill chino fabric is perfect for pairing with casual pants like jeans but you can opt for the full fit too and pair it with the matching pants for more formal settings.

Plus 11 More Double-Breasted Blazers We Love

Banana Republic

“Gavin” Italian linen suit jacket

If you haven’t heard, Banana Republic is so back. While the Archive line taps its heritage as a safari outfitter, BR’s more dressy suiting has caught our attention for the premium materials and refined cuts.


Double-breasted wool-blend jacket

Leave it to Gucci to make you actually want to leave the sleeve tag on.


With an ever-chic unpadded shoulder, half-canvas construction, trim fit and substantial lapels, SuitSupply’s Havana blazer has “menswear guy” written all over it. It’s the kind of blazer you can wear for any occasion, be it a beer with the boys or big meeting at work. Plus, the 4-ply traveler wool has a natural wrinkle-resistance and an elegant drape so you won’t look like a schmuck when you rush to said big meeting after getting off the plane.

After Pray

Somewhere between the fancy dinner and bed time lies this head-turning shawl-collar joint that feels like both a blazer and a robe.


Double-breasted wool blazer

Stòffa rides the line between casual and tailored like no other brand. With its natural shoulders, relaxed-yet-not-sloppy fit, and buttery flannel material, this blazer looks just as home with a plain white tee and drawstring trousers as it does with a shirt and tie.


It’s Wall Street in the 80s. You walk down the street as you talk on your first-gen brick of a cell phone, about to close the biggest deal of your life. Even if you don’t clinch it, owning this blazer is more than enough consolation.

Spier & Mackay

Sharkskin double breast suit

Spier & Mackay’s very sprezzy suiting is some of the best bang for your buck. Case in point, this chocolate-y number with its half-canvas construction, soft shoulder padding, and luxe super 110s Australian merino wool fabric from Dino Filarte.


Yeah, we didn’t think we’d be so into acid-washed corduroy either.

Tom Ford

Double-breasted pinstriped wool-flannel blazer

Whether you’re closing 7-figure deals, strolling up to the red carpet, or walking down the aisle, Tom Ford’s line of tailoring will rise to the occasion. Ford’s impeccable cuts, gorgeous construction, and luxurious materials coalesce for a legendary fit whether you’re an A-list celeb or a regular Joe Schmoe.

The Row

We don’t know who this “Wilson” guy is, but he’s convincing us that a black blazer is more for than just funerals and weddings.

Saint Laurent

Double-breasted pinstriped suit jacket

Saint Laurent’s power shoulders and slinky cut makes you feel like either a rock star or a super villain. Either way, you’ll look sick as hell.

Bottega Veneta leather jacket

Leather daddy? Please. This makes you a leather grandaddy.

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